Find many returning and bi-weekly/monthly vendors this week! Be sure to see a complete vendor list below to get your lists started for Friday… 


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1.  Know Your Seasons  –  Learn what grows in your area and when, so that your expectations are on target with what the vendors will be bringing to Market.  Plan your meals accordingly, getting inspiration from recipes in the e-newsletter or other fresh & local websites like   

2.  Go Early or Go Late – For the best selection, especially for popular-but-limited items, arriving early at market is a must.  For the best deals, vendors are often willing to discount items at the end of the day.  Markets tend to be less crowded at the start and end of the day, as well. 

3.  Bring Big Bags and Small Change – Using heavy-duty reusable bags is good for your purchased items and good for the environment.  And having the smaller bills and change simply helps your transaction go quickly and more smoothly.  Having a cooler available, in case you aren’t going home immediately, is another helpful tip. 

4.  Plan for Spontaneity –  Be willing to experiment, try a new food or select an item you didn’t expect to find.  Often the vendors will offer samples or advice on how to prepare something new. 

5.  Work in Volume – When it’s peak season, you want to take advantage of those great flavors and prices.  Besides trying more new recipes, consider freezing, canning, drying foods for later in the year.

6.  Think Whole Foods  –  Remember that carrots come long and unpeeled, beets have greens and maybe some dirt attached.  It may look slightly different than at the grocery, but it is worth it.

7.  Take Your Time – Browse the market slowly, seeing all there is available.  Make this a time to socialize with the vendors and other  like-minded shoppers who appreciate the opportunity to shop local and fresh foods.    


Nick Castelli selling plants

Tis the season for plants, plants plants!  You will find a plethora of beautiful items for your home and garden at market this week.  

Nick Castelli’s Plants carries colorful annuals and perennials, in addition to his wonderful succulents.  

Shady Grove Greenhouse returns for the season with tons of seasonal plants.  Hanging baskets, bouquets, decorative pots, starter flowers and vegetables, shrubs, and more!

Chansonette Orchids has exotic plants in all shapes and sizes, from classic to funky. 

Rambling Roots Farm will have spring onions, lettuces and other bagged greens (arugula, spinach, spring mix, and baby kale), chard, radishes, and mushrooms.  Their radishes are especially mild right now.

 London Vale Farm   also brings a variety of herb plants, plus more fresh produce – look for collard greens, snap peas, cucumbers, green onions, kale and lettuce.  

Nomadic Pies with Molly 

Nomadic Pie Truck celebrates her 1 year anniversary this Friday with a free mini pie to her first 20 customers. Be sure to stop by and congratulate Molly on her success!  


La Cucina Verde (now a bi-weekly vendor) has Kurry Kraut, Moroccan Carrots, and Pineapple-Mango Salsa on the menu this week.

Meadowset Farm  will have their grass-fed lamb (ground & chops) and beef (ground & pre-made burger patties), plus The Last Straw, a hard pecorino-style artisanal cheese from ewe’s milk. Try a burger tonight, or meatballs with lamb or beef!

 Additional Vendors:
  • Taste Artisanal spreads
  • Will Hurd:  Your Personal Architect
  • Anita’s Guacamole
  • KAS Cake Emporium 
  • Beyond The Spice simmering sauces (bi-weekly)
  • God’s Country Creamery cheeses
  • Amazing Acres Goat Dairy
  • Dia Doce Cupcakes (monthly)
  • Sunset Park Gluten-Free/Vegan Cookies
  • Golden Valley Roasters
  • Nomadic Pies
  • Philly Bill’s Dills (2-4pm)
  • Maiale Meats 
  • Naughty Nutty Love
  • Big Sky Bakery
  • Jack’s Jams & Jellies
  • Guinea Hen Gardens – eggs, honey, herbs
  • Rex Farm Orchard
  • Papa’s Pastries 
  • Sweet Salvation Truffles  

Discover in season locally-grown produce, eggs and honey, meats and cheeses, fresh baked goods and other local delicacies this week at this week’s Farmers Market.  Cut flowers and some bedding plants will be available.   


The cool temperatures may have slowed the growth of produce somewhat this Spring, but you will find that our farmers are beginning to harvest a wider selection of greens this week and a few additional items, as well. 

 Everything you find at the Kennett Square Farmers Market is grown, raised, or prepared by our vendors, using wholesome seasonal ingredients.  Also take a moment to support these local non-profits at Market this week: 

  • The Kennett Food Cupboard accepts cash or food donations each week;
  • The Bayard Taylor Library will hold library card sign ups, plus have tickets and a raffle for the May 31st Home and Garden Tour.  


Rambling Roots Farm Greens

Rambling Roots Farm will bring plenty of greens to Market this week.  look for bunched and baby kale, chard, head lettuce, arugula, radishes, and spring onions.  You’ll recognize Phil & Shanna, formerly of Down to Earth Harvest, and you’ll love their produce!  


Chansonette Orchids is also bringing cut flower bouquets from Schaeffer Flowers in Lancaster, in addition to their lovely orchids.  A perfect option for Mother’s Day.


Naughty Nutty Love has 6 oz. jars of her freshly ground nut butters in several flavors.  Combined withJack’s Jams & Jellies and Big Sky breads, you have a PB&J right on the spot at Market!


Sunset Park Gluten Free  will have delicious gluten-free coffee cake at Market this week.  A perfect combination with Golden Valley Roasters coffees!


Philly Bill's Dills 

Philly Bill’s Dills actually comes to us from Doylestown and he requests that you catch him early in the day, as he will be at Market only from 2-4 pm.



 Additional Weekly Vendors:

  • Vera Pasta
  • Londonvale Farm Produce & Starter Veggies
  • Nomadic Pies
  • La Cucina Verde
  • Crossan’s Concessions Kettle Korn
  • Maiale Meats 
  • Nick’s Succulents & Plants
  • Guinea Hen Gardens – eggs, honey, herbs
  • Rex Farm Orchard
  • Papa’s Pastries 
  • Sweet Salvation Truffles 
  • Taste Artisanal spreads
  • Will Hurd:  Your Personal Architect
  • Meadowset Lamb & Pecorino  
  • Anita’s Guacamole

  • KAS Cake Emporium

  • God’s Country Creamery
  • Beyond The Spice simmering sauces




Kennett Square’s Winter Farmers Market is winding down and we are looking forward to a fantastic new season of weekly markets beginning on May 3rd.  We are excited to welcome back John from London Vale Farm, as well as Dia Doce Cupcakes.  Down To Earth Farm has moved to Rambling Roots Farm and will be front and center on State Street.  New vendors include Naughty Nutty Love (!!) and Vera Pasta.  Take a moment to meet them and sample their products.  Market Manager Abby works hard to create a balanced blend and always appreciates hearing your feedback. Stay tuned for the full list of returning and new vendors!


Have you met Troy, owner of Rex Farms Orchard? He has been with the Market all winter and is staying on for the regular season.  Besides the very best in tree fruit products (fruits, cider, juice, butters, and sauces), Rex Farms also grows some vegetables.  Troy brings amazing onions, using a special curing process that allows them to stay fresh all through the winter.  Try the apple salad recipe below with Meadowset pecorino and Abdel’s Olive Oil. Or add a Rex onion to a Maiale salami sandwich served on Big Sky’s hearty bread! Discover the other wonderful items our vendors will be bringing to Market this week.  Hope to see you there!


Big Sky Bread still makes bread the old -ashion way. This week they promise to bring everyone’s favorite breads, as well as some sweet treats and granola!    

Sweet Salvation Truffles will tempt you some of their remaining Easter treats at 50% off!  Indulge! 

Golden Valley Coffee Roasters features their locally roasted, naturally grown coffees.  Have you tried the Breakfast Blend?  It’s worth waking up for! 

Guinea Hen Gardens raises herbs, chickens, sheep, bees, and their own vegetables.  At Winter Market, find eggs, honey, some greens, and herbs.  

KAS Cake Emporium prepares Southern style desserts, including mouth-watering sweet potato pies, luscious coconut cakes, and fudge.  If you don’t see it, ask!


Maiale Meats & Charcuteries  prepares everything from the salumi to meatballs in house and from scratch. They believe that better tasting food is made from fresh and local ingredients.

Meadowset Farms  is produces grass-fed lamb and beef, in addition to their superb line of raw sheep’s milk cheeses.  

Take Me Bake Me Pizza have amazing pies each week. Their freshly made bake-at-home pizzas use fresh toppings on deliciously healthy crusts. Pre-order your pie as they sell out quickly: 

 Crossan Concessions  will bring assorted flavors of their Kettle Corn, including traditional, cinnamon, and sweet cheddar.  Look for more flavors to come! 

Taste Artisanal brings their tasty cheeses and phyllo products, among other prepared items.  

Sunset Park Cookies can satisfy the sweet tooth for all. Gluten-allergy? Lactose intolerant? Or just love eating healthy food? Their homemade gluten-free, vegan cookies include chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut Butter/Oatmeal and 
snickerdoodle.  They also do special orders!

Abdel’s Tunisian Oils invites you to sample their unfiltered organic extra virgin oil.  This is a first cold press oil which generally not available in stores.  It has a stronger, fruiter, even green flavor with more olive particles.  It is said to be much healthier with higher nutrients and antioxidants. 


Kale Salad with apples1 Bunch Curly Kale 

1/3 C. toasted almonds 

1/2 C. Pecorino cheese – small squares

1 CRUNCHY apple, sliced thin 

Juice of 1/2 lemon (about 3 Tbsp)

1/3 C. olive oil 

Salt and Pepper


Wash and dry kale leaves. Fold them in half and pull stem out removing it all the way up, even through the bottom part of the leaves where it is thick. Tear the leaves into bite sized pieces or chop the leaves crosswise in 1/2 inch ribbons. Place them in a bowl.

Toast almonds in a skillet over medium heat until light brown. Remove from heat and cool.  Cut cheese into 1/4 inch dice. Cut apple right before tossing in the dressing to avoid browning.

To make the dressing, whisk lemon with olive oil until combined. Add a pinch of salt and black ground pepper. Drizzle dressing on kale a little at a time.  When it is all coated, add the cheese, almonds and apples and toss together.

Let sit about 15 minutes before serving. It lasts in the refrigerator one day.


“What a vibrant Winter Market opener we have in store for this Friday! At this point in the season, one might expect to see the proverbial tumbleweeds rolling down the Genesis brick pathway, with many of our vendors putting their market season to rest. Not so for us here at the Kennett Winter Market! Nearly all of our tireless growers and artisans have decided to extend their presence with us into the Winter Market season, and with the addition of a handful of new vendors, we are looking at a bountiful spread at the market, all winter long. So don’t forget to take advantage of this wonderful, unique resource right in the heart of Kennett Square, and spread the word!”

      Stop by the market table, as Abby will be doing a winter squash tasting.  And the Kennett Food Cupboardwill continue to attend the Winter Market, collecting all items but especially in need of canned goods.

Thea Toocheck

Our special guest this week will be 14 year old author, Thea Toocheck, who will be signing her book The Thirst Inside, the first in a series of young adult novels with a humorous and imaginative tale. 
Take Me Bake Me Pizza
 Issa of MomsPops returns to Market withTake Me Bake Me Pizzas. Made with local ingredients, the easy-to-bake pies are available on whole wheat, multi grain, or gluten free crusts.  This week, find Plain, Margarita, Spinach Pesto, Eggplant Parm, or Build-Your-Own.  Pre-order at and receive a $1 off.


Meadowset Farm, located in Landenberg, will bring their pastured ground lamb and lamb chops, as well as two types of aged pecorinos – Camel’s Back is a buttery, Basque-style and Last Straw is a fruity, sharp Italian-style.  Both are wonderful shaved over warm greens or with pasta.

 London Vale Farm brings brussel sprouts on the stalk, turnips, and sweet purple and green cabbages.

 Countryside Farm will have red bok choy, curly kale, loose salad greens, carrots, and crispy sweet potato chips made with coconut oil.

Down To Earth Harvest has broccoli, lettuce, fennel, bok choy, leets, scallions, carrots, arugula, and savoy cabbage.

Wick of Guinea Hen Garden Guinea Hen Gardens now has jarred dried herbs, which are perfect for spicing up roasted veggies and hearty soups!  They will also have their eggs and honey, of course.

Papa’s Pastry will bring their hot Asian prepared foods and delectable desserts.

Abdel’s Tunisian Olive Oil

Big Sky Bakery – hearty artisan breads 

Cool Breeze Gourmet Greens – wheatgrass & microgreens

Countryside Farm & Bakery – assorted produce, baked goods

Dia Doce Cupcake Truck

Down to Earth Harvest – local produce

Flickerwood Wines

Footprint Architecture and Design – architectural advice

FreshaPeel Hummus – savory, spicy & sweet flavors

Guinea Hen Garden – eggs, honey, herbs, etc

Jack’s Jams and Jellies

KAS Cake Emporium

La Cucina Verde 

London Vale Farm – fresh produce
Maiale Sausage and Charcuterie
Meadowset Farms
Papa’s Pastries – baked goods, prepared Asian cuisine
Pureblend Teas
Rex Farms Orchard
Sunset Park Cookies – gluten free & sugar alternatives 

Taste Artisanal – cheeses, spreads, tapenaudes

The cooler temps and shorter days are signaling the end of the regular season Farmers Market.  We have had a wonderful run of good weather and our vendors have kept up a super supply of fresh and local goods each Friday.  Fortunately this does not mean the end of the Farmers Market, just a slight change in schedule. Look for the Winter Farmers Market to begin next Friday and continue on the First and Third Fridays of each month through April, from 2 – 4 pm in the same location.  If you have not been to the Winter Market in the past, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at all the fresh and local items available year-round.


Rex Farm OrchardsRex Farms Orchards are new to the Kennett Square Farmers Market and will be with us through the Winter.  They bring an array of homegrown apples as well as apple sauces, apple juice. apple cider (until Christmas), and apple and pumpkin butters!  In addition, there will be red, white and sweet potatoes, onions (candy, red sky, sweet spanish, red and white cippolini), and swiss chard (until the frost gets the best of it- could be sooner than later).  They carry an amazing variety of apples – rome, stayman, fuji, gold delicious, cameo and goldrush. Their apples are stored in controlled atmosphere storage where the oxygen is drawn out of the room, preserving the apples so that when each bin is pulled out of storage to sell at market the apples are in the same condition as the day they were put in.That allows them to offer fresh apples well into May or whenever they run out. Down To Earth Harvest will have a diverse array Asian greens that are perfect for stir-fry or to add to soups. Also find kohlrabi, lemon grass, Thai chiles, mushrooms, celeriac, mustard greens, scallions, leeks and eggs.

l  Beyond The Spice vendor

Beyond The Spice returns for the last time this season, so stock up on their delicious simmer sauces for the months ahead.  Tikka, Coconut-Ginger, and Bartha Simmer Sauces are also available online. 

Abdel's Olive OilAbdel’s Tunisian Olive Oil & Pure Morrocan Argan Oil  returns for his second week with his organic products, including those for cosmetic use.  Visit theirwebsite for more information on the products.

 London Vale Farms will bring more of their colorful and delicious winter squash, the source of some great recipes!London Vale Winter Squash

Abdel’s Tunisian Olive Oil

Amazing Acres

Anita’s Guacamole – fresh Avocado Guacamole & Salsas

Beyond The Spice – savory simmering sauces

Big Sky Bakery – hearty artisan breads 

Clarke Green’s Blade Sharpening

Cool Breeze Gourmet Greens – wheatgrass & microgreens

Countryside Farm & Bakery – assorted produce, baked goods

Designs By Francine – gourmet chocolates

Down to Earth Harvest – local produce

 Footprint Architecture and Design – architectural advice

FreshaPeel Hummus – savory, spicy & sweet flavors

Guinea Hen Garden – eggs, honey, herbs, etc

Jack’s Jams and Jellies

 K-9 Kraving Dog Treats

Kate Stroh’s Homegrown Dahlias

La Cucina Verde

London Vale Farm – fresh produce

Maiale Sausage and Charcuterie

Nomadic Pie Truck – savory and sweet pies

Papa’s Pastries – baked goods, prepared Asian cuisine

Produce Place

Rex Farms Orchard

Shady Grove Greenhouses – plants. pumpkins, fresh flowers

Sunset Park Cookies – gluten free & sugar alternatives

Taste Artisanal – cheeses, spreads, tapenaudes.

New vendors Dia Doce Cupcakes and KAS Cake Emporium will both be returning next week for the kick-off of our Winter Market Season, but are unable to be at this Friday’s market.


The weather cannot be more perfect for buying those Fall veggies, apple cider and apple pies, pumpkins & Indian corn, and mums.  Find it all this week at market, but your usual supply of greens, breads, eggs & cheeses, meats and condiments are all available.

The Kennett Democrats will be available again to register voters and help understand the photo ID issues.  The Food Bank continues to collect each week – make a cash donation, buy something extra, or bring an item from home!

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28   4:30 – 8:00 


Frecon Farm has been bringing their fine fruit to Market every Friday, but next week you are in for a surprise as they also feature their hard ciders and fruit wines.  Find them across the street at the new MEET THE MAKERS event, where you can taste the best of the regions fermented food and drink.

Come enjoy select craft beers, wine, spirits and artisanal cheese tastings as you learn about the fermenting process. There will be lively music by Scott & Steve of the Sin City Band.   

You’ll also meet representatives from Flickerwood Wine Cellars, Argilla Brewing Company, Forest & Main Brewing, Round Guys Brewing Company, Art in the Age, Quaker City Mercantile, Birchrun Hills Cheeses, Doe Run Creamery, Meadowset Farm, and Yellow Springs Goat Dairy.

The MEET THE MAKERS event begins at 4:30 and will run through until 8:00 pm  Tickets are available for $10 at the Market Manager’s table or buy them online.   For more information, call 610-444-8188. 


MAIALE DELI:   Look for  Genoa Salami, Italian Salami with white wine & garlic, and Duck Sausage with arugula & roasted garlic.  

SUNSET PARK COOKIES:  Try their molasses spice cookies that are soft and spicy, great with a cup of tea or some apple cider. 

SHADY GROVE GREENHOUSE:  Look for Fall colors with their gourds, pumpkins, Indian corn, and bushels of mums.  Also bouquets and large mixed planters will be available.

 DESIGNS BY FRANCINE:  Chocolate Specials

  • 8 pieces of chocolate for $6.00 all flavors
  • 12 pieces of chocolate for $10.00 all flavors
  • Vanilla and chocolate brownie bites, buy 2 get one free.

 DOWN TO EARTH HARVEST:  arugula & spring mix greens, chard and kale, beets, carrots, lettuce, leeks, and Crimini and Portabella mushrooms.  They also raise free range eggs from non-GMO fed chickens. 

 FRECON FARM:  Bosc Pears, more apples, and cider!!!  They sold out of the cider early last week, so plan ahead.

 LONDON VALE FARM:  Lots of fresh broccolis, plus peppers, tomatoes, greens, potatoes, etc.

       Carrots, beets, etc


 Amazing Acres

Anita’s Guacamole 

Beyond The Spice

Big Sky Bakery

 Cool Breeze Gourmet Greens

Countryside Farm and Bakery

Down to Earth Harvest

Footprint Architecture and Design

Frecon Farms  

FreshaPeel Hummus

Guinea Hen Garden

Jack’s Jams and Jellies

La Cucina Verde 

                                                                                             London Vale Farm

Maiale Sausage and Charcuterie

Nomadic Pie Truck 

Papa’s Pastries

Produce Place

Shady Grove Greenhouses

Sunset Park Cookies

Taste Artisanal 

 Kennett Square celebrates the almighty mushroom this weekend and it all begins at the Farmers Market on Friday afternoon with a diverse collection of fresh produce, prepared products, and craft items.  Due to the Mushroom FestivalsCommunity Parade beginning at 6 pm, the vendors along State Street will need to close up at 4:30.  Other vendors in the alleyway will remain until 6:00 pm.  We apologize for any inconvenience! 

       Stop by the La Cucina Verde table and ask Annmarie about her “Ladies Night Out”, in-home cooking classes that feature fresh, local, seasonal ingredients.  Collaborate with Annmarie to develop a menu that suits your fancy, invite your girlfriends, and make it a party.

       The cooler weather heralds the return of Designs by Francine’s Chocolates this week.  The apple cider is flowing at Frecon Farms.  John from London Vale Farm has harvested a wide assortment of winter squash – Blue Hubbard (large & baby), Red Kuri, Cinderella, Baby Turks Turban, Spaghetti (striped & regular), Butternut (large & small), Buttercup (green & red), and Delecata, nicknamed the Sweet Potato Squash.  Phew!!  That’s a lot of squash!

First Friday vendors will be on hand to sell their artwork and crafts.  Also ask Market Manager Abby about the plans for the Fermentation Festival on September 28th and buying tickets for the exciting new Meet The Makers event that evening.

Hope to see you at the Market this Friday, 2-6 pm!



 SHADYSIDE GREENHOUSES has Fall pansies, ornamental kale and  asters for your Autumnal gardens.

LONDON VALE FARM will have Napa Cabbage, which is great for Asian Slaw, in addition to LOTS of winter squash.     

COOL BREEZE GOURMET GREENS is bringing tasty petite fenugreek micros greens, with a hint of cumin & curry that adds a great flare to any salad, plus mini hot peppers.

DESIGNS BY FRANCINE returns this week with black currant chocolates made from English Black Currants, and Dark Covered Chocolate Cherries.  These two items will be available for a limited time only.  

DOWN TO EARTH HARVEST offers beautiful salad mixes, pastured eggs, swiss chard, and the last of their heirloom tomatoes.

TASTE ARTISANAL will have a spiced plum chutney and other spreads that are great with crudities or breads.

 COUNTRYSIDE FARM & BAKERY will bring leeks, plenty of lettuce & greens, and their tempting assortment of breads, cookies, pies, etc. 

FRECON FARMS will bring their freshly pressed apple cider and a variety of apples & pears.  

LA CUCINA VERDE will bring a blueberry basil preserve and an apricot chutney.

LONDON VALE FARM has soybeans, as well as Chinese Cabbage.

Shopping FMkt


Anita’s Guacamole 

Big Sky Bakery

 Cool Breeze Gourmet Greens

Countryside Farm and Bakery

Down to Earth Harvest

Flickerwood Wine Cellars

Footprint Architecture and Design

Frecon Farms  

FreshaPeel Hummus

God’s Country Creamery

Guinea Hen Garden

Jack’s Jams and Jellies

La Cucina Verde 

London Vale Farm

Maiale Sausage and Charcuterie

Nomadic Pie Truck 

Philly Bill’s Dills

Produce Place

Shadyside Greenhouses

Taste Artisanal 



Ellen April Soaps

Amazing Acres,

Chansonette Orchids

Pike Creek Coffee Roasters

Joe Paws Dog Bakery

Clerico Designs

Bumblebee Bumz

Heirloom Modern Classic


Non-Profit: Unionville Fair