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Friday, October 4, 2013

2-6 pm

Ongoing Demonstrations and Activities:


Hope to see you at the Festival, its going to be lots of fun!


Presented by the Kennett Square Farmers Market:

Kennett Square Farmers Market
2-6 p.m.
East State & Union Streets, Kennett Square, PA
The Kennett Square Farmers Market will celebrate the changing seasons by highlighting all things fermented. Taste samples of fermented beverages and foods. Learn how to make your own kimchi, kombucha, yogurt, and how to save seeds for next season at our exciting workshops and demonstrations. Visit Kennett Square’s favorite Farmers Market vendors, special crafters, childrens activities, and live music on this eventful fermentation-themed Farmers Market. Experience the Kennett Square Farmers Market like never before. Stay tuned for a complete festival line-up.
Event proceeds benefit the Kennett Square Farmers Market, an ongoing project of Historic Kennett Square, a non-profit 501(C)3.  The Kennett Square Farmers Market has been helping to nurture the connection between farms, farmers and the local consumer by offering healthy & heirloom veggies, juicy fruit, local cheeses and yogurts, grass fed beef, all natural poultry, treats for the pets, beautiful cut flowers, fresh herbs – you name it! 


Here we go, down the Fermentation Festival Rabbit Hole! This Friday at the Festival, you’ll experience the KSQ Farmers’ Market like never before. In order to facilitate an ideal experience for you fermentation fanatics, we’ve decided to take advantage of some neighboring spaces that are seldom used, yet quite lovely and enchanted. Other familiar spaces of the market will be transformed the day of the Festival, in order to suit our extensive list of participants and guest vendors. Please see below for a complete Festival Line-Up, Orientation, and “Who’s Who.” We are so thrilled at this high caliber cast of specialty characters (Homebrew Kits and tools, handmade mugs, books, fine chocolates, probiotic salsa, fruit…), that we know you will be too. Please don’t forget to bring your check books, since most vendors won’t be accepting credit card. There is also an ATM right in front of the BBQ, in the kiosk adjacent to the Genesis building) We can’t wait to see you there! (”Where? Oh! At the KSQ Farmers’ Market-cum-Fermentation Festival on Friday, October 9th, from 2-6pm!”) Also, this event is rain or shine. In the case of rain, we will be re-locating to the bottom floor of the Parking Garage. Please stay tuned for an update. Thanks!

Where: The “Fermentation Alley” (Brick alleyway acro ss State St. from the KSQ Market, in between Bedbugzz and Newton’s)
What: Fermentation Demonstrations & Special Vendors

Who & When: 2:30 Kristian Holbrook and Martha Pisano, Doe Run Farm & Highland Farm– Sheep Yogurt-Making
3:30 Tim Mountz, Happy Cat Organics — Tomato Seed Saving
4:30 Jess Meginley, Biology Teacher and Foodie/Chef Extraordinaire– Kimchi demo & Kombucha “display”
5:30 — Dr. Tim Wadkins, Director of Quality Assurance of Victory Brewing Company– “Fermentation 101″

Special Vendors and Free Tastings

  • Live, probiotic relish, salsa, salad dressing, ketchup etc., from Zukay Live Foods
  • Fine chocolate confections from John and Kira’s
  • A complete “Fermentation Station,” by Harvest Market, featuring free tastings of GT Dave’s Synergy Kombucha, apple/gotu kola cider, food and beverage recipes, books and know~how aplenty…All to jump start your starter (lactic acid, of course) and move you smoothly into the wonders of the ferment!
  • Handmade pottery by Lyla Kaplan
  • Live pottery throwing with WCU Professor, and local artist, Thomas Hitner
  • All the hard-to-find homebrewing tools and Start-up Kits, in addition to Root Beer tastings, by Home Sweet Homebrew
  • *SPECIAL NOTE*: Three Springs Fruit Farm will be joining us for the Fermentation Festival, bringing over 15 varieties of apple, including: Honeycrisp, Gala, Jonagold, Jonathan, Empire, Cortland, Granny Smith, Mutsu, Grimes Golden, Golden Delicious, Rome Beauty,  & Nittany. In addition to their IPM apples and pears, onions and taters, famous applesauce, canned peaches and pumpkins, they’ll also be featuring UV Pasteurized Apple Cider, “Homebrewer Approved!” Perfect for the homebrewer, a fine fermenter. Ask Ben, the owner, all about homebrewing, he’s a pro! Three Springs will be flanking the market on State St., closest to Broad. Don’t miss them!

What: Fine Philly Folk Music, brought to you by “Excited Light Productions,” in the form of… The Spinning Leaves, and Hezekiah Jones

Where: The center of the brick alleyway adjacent to the Genesis Building (usual market music location)


3:00-4:00pm — Hezekiah Jones

5:00-6:00pm — The Spinning Leaves

What: Tiny tastings from the “Drinkable Garden” (Local beer, wine & spirits). Tiny cups and $3 bracelets are available to all over 21 (we’ll be checking i.d. at point of purchase). Please remember that these are indeed truly tiny tastings. For a more substantial “drink,”grab a coupon at the Festival, and skip on down to the Half Moon Saloon, where they’re featuring a Fermentation Special, of Local Appetizers and Draft Tastings, for $1!


Where: In the brick alleyway adjacent to the Genesis Building, closest to the Parking Garage

Special Note: This area will also be hosting Talula’s Table, featuring their Cheddar Beer Dip, Kombucha Kits, Hard Cider tastings from Home Sweet Homebrew, and other finely fermented fare.

When: Ongoing, from 2:00-6:00pm

  • Another feature of the Fermentation Festival is the photography of Chester County artist, Red Hamer

And, of course, we’ll have all of your favorite usual market vendor suspects…

Happy Cat, Amazing Acres, Ellen April, Nick’s Succulents, Elkdale Vegetables, Shadygrove Flowers and Plants, Big Sky Bakery, Highland Sheep Dairy, Papa’s Pastries (featuring caramel apples, pumpkin soup, assorted autumn pies, and myriad pumpkin fare!), L&L Dahlia’s, Countryside Bakery, Country Meadows Meats and BBQ, Betty’s Buttons, Great Harvest Bakery, God’s Country Creamery, K-9 Kraving Dogfood, & Blade Sharpening by Clarke Green.




Harvest Market Natural Foods and the KSQ Farmers Market are pleased to present the first ever Annual East Coast Fermentation Festival, to be held on Friday, Oct 9, from 2-6pm. A merry prelude to the Enchanted Evening, join us as we herald the end of one season and the beginning of the next, by celebrating fermentation as a life-giving means of enjoying the season’s bounty after the crops have gone to bed!
Festivities include…pickle


  • Yogurt Making with Martha Pisano of Highland Farm and Kristian Holbrook of Doe Run Farm
  • Tomato Seed Saving with Tim Mounts of Happy Cat Organics
  • Kimchi and Kombucha Making with Jess Meginley
  • Fermentation 101 with Dr. Tim Wadkins, Director of Quality Assurance at Victory Brewing Company
  • Mug Making with Thomas Hitner, Professor of Ceramics at WCU
  • Homemade Herbal Medicines with Local Herbwyfe April Coburn http://www.flowoflove.blogspot.com/

Tastings by:victory

Special Vendors:


Music by:


Looking for more fermentation merriment? Stick around town after the Fermentation Festival and join An Enchanted Evening,where you will enjoy a beautifully crafted spread of local fare, by Talula’s Table, along with the best of beer and wine pairings. Then, fall into bed with visions of effervescence projected upon the backs of your eyelids, and awake to attend Saturday’s Kennett Brewfest . Enjoy a day of sipping local and domestic brews in the heart of Historic Kennett Square.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Harvest MarketPresenting Sponsor
Zukay Live FoodSupporting Sponsor
GT Dave’s Synergy DrinksProduct Sponsor
Mailing, Inc.-Print Sponsor

WCDishVolunteers Sponsor

CCDwellMedia Sponsor (check out this great article on some of our local breweries)

mailincharvestmarketccdwellgts_logozukay wcdish


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