Find many returning and bi-weekly/monthly vendors this week! Be sure to see a complete vendor list below to get your lists started for Friday… 


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1.  Know Your Seasons  –  Learn what grows in your area and when, so that your expectations are on target with what the vendors will be bringing to Market.  Plan your meals accordingly, getting inspiration from recipes in the e-newsletter or other fresh & local websites like   

2.  Go Early or Go Late – For the best selection, especially for popular-but-limited items, arriving early at market is a must.  For the best deals, vendors are often willing to discount items at the end of the day.  Markets tend to be less crowded at the start and end of the day, as well. 

3.  Bring Big Bags and Small Change – Using heavy-duty reusable bags is good for your purchased items and good for the environment.  And having the smaller bills and change simply helps your transaction go quickly and more smoothly.  Having a cooler available, in case you aren’t going home immediately, is another helpful tip. 

4.  Plan for Spontaneity –  Be willing to experiment, try a new food or select an item you didn’t expect to find.  Often the vendors will offer samples or advice on how to prepare something new. 

5.  Work in Volume – When it’s peak season, you want to take advantage of those great flavors and prices.  Besides trying more new recipes, consider freezing, canning, drying foods for later in the year.

6.  Think Whole Foods  –  Remember that carrots come long and unpeeled, beets have greens and maybe some dirt attached.  It may look slightly different than at the grocery, but it is worth it.

7.  Take Your Time – Browse the market slowly, seeing all there is available.  Make this a time to socialize with the vendors and other  like-minded shoppers who appreciate the opportunity to shop local and fresh foods.    


Nick Castelli selling plants

Tis the season for plants, plants plants!  You will find a plethora of beautiful items for your home and garden at market this week.  

Nick Castelli’s Plants carries colorful annuals and perennials, in addition to his wonderful succulents.  

Shady Grove Greenhouse returns for the season with tons of seasonal plants.  Hanging baskets, bouquets, decorative pots, starter flowers and vegetables, shrubs, and more!

Chansonette Orchids has exotic plants in all shapes and sizes, from classic to funky. 

Rambling Roots Farm will have spring onions, lettuces and other bagged greens (arugula, spinach, spring mix, and baby kale), chard, radishes, and mushrooms.  Their radishes are especially mild right now.

 London Vale Farm   also brings a variety of herb plants, plus more fresh produce – look for collard greens, snap peas, cucumbers, green onions, kale and lettuce.  

Nomadic Pies with Molly 

Nomadic Pie Truck celebrates her 1 year anniversary this Friday with a free mini pie to her first 20 customers. Be sure to stop by and congratulate Molly on her success!  


La Cucina Verde (now a bi-weekly vendor) has Kurry Kraut, Moroccan Carrots, and Pineapple-Mango Salsa on the menu this week.

Meadowset Farm  will have their grass-fed lamb (ground & chops) and beef (ground & pre-made burger patties), plus The Last Straw, a hard pecorino-style artisanal cheese from ewe’s milk. Try a burger tonight, or meatballs with lamb or beef!

 Additional Vendors:
  • Taste Artisanal spreads
  • Will Hurd:  Your Personal Architect
  • Anita’s Guacamole
  • KAS Cake Emporium 
  • Beyond The Spice simmering sauces (bi-weekly)
  • God’s Country Creamery cheeses
  • Amazing Acres Goat Dairy
  • Dia Doce Cupcakes (monthly)
  • Sunset Park Gluten-Free/Vegan Cookies
  • Golden Valley Roasters
  • Nomadic Pies
  • Philly Bill’s Dills (2-4pm)
  • Maiale Meats 
  • Naughty Nutty Love
  • Big Sky Bakery
  • Jack’s Jams & Jellies
  • Guinea Hen Gardens – eggs, honey, herbs
  • Rex Farm Orchard
  • Papa’s Pastries 
  • Sweet Salvation Truffles