The Frecon Farms family story is a delight to read on their website, detailing the history of their business back over 65 years of   growing and selling fresh fruit.  In some ways, they have come full circle to the original concept with their involvement in local Farmer’s Markets and the connection back to their grandparents’ original farm stand.   The Frecon business has expanded into new ventures, as well, particularly with the launch of their Frecon Hard Cider.  Especially popular is the orchard’s Pick Your Own program, but you need to get their early in the season – the tart cherries were completely gone within 3 days this year!  Apples, pumpkins, and raspberries will follow.
Take the time to read about Frecon Farm’s common sensical approach to growing their produce, using an Integrated Pest Management system that uses “environmentally sensitive growing practices” to balance the challenges of climate, disease, and pests in a comprehensive approach that incorporates good growing practices like appropriate pruning, covercrops, wildlife buffers, mating distruption and minimal use of chemical sprays.
This week Frecon will have sweet cherries and blueberries at market.  You can order their cider by calling the store at 888-367-6200 and they will deliver it to you at our market.