John and Cathy Aman, of Chadds Ford, came to the Kennett Farmer’s Market in a round-about fashion.  Their son and his family live on the farm where Cathy grew up in Potter County, PA.  When their dairy business was struggling, John and Cathy’s grandson had the brainstorm of producing cheese.  The family ordered a “cheese vat” from Europe and he used it as part of his high school senior project.  Three years later, the grandson is now studying Animal Science at Penn State, a granddaughter is studying Agribusiness Managerment, and the parents have become artisan cheese producers.  John & Cathy bring cheeses which are handcrafted with care, aged for 60 days, with no pasteurization.  While the cheeses are relatively consistent, it is interesting to note that there will be subtle differences in the flavor depending on the time of year.  For instance, when the cows are out to pasture, the milk has more flavor and it makes more color in the cheese. 
God’s Country Creamery produces eight varieties of cheese, including a Golden Harvest Gouda, two Havartis, a Gruyere, a Jarlsburg, and a Cheddar.  Unfortunately they have run low on the Country Blue, but should have it back later in the season.  Visit the God’s Country Creamery website for more information on the cheese descriptions, the cheese making process and to meet the cows responsible for these delicious cheeses.  Especially amusing is a blog written by Bessie the cow!