Amaranth Bakery

There is an increasing trend with people who don’t eat gluten, a protein in wheat, rye, barley and triticale.  Besides those who suffer with celiac disease and wheat allergies or intolerances, many consumers find they simply feel better eating gluten-free products.  The struggle is to find nutritious and tasty baked goods.  Kennett Farmer’s Market’s own Amaranth Bakery from Lancaster, PA does just that. Their breads are made from “good-for-you whole grain flours” including brown rice, amaranth and millet.  They also only use natural sweeteners. The texture of their products is outstanding, as well, soft and chewy and not too crumbly.  Their products are always freshly baked, not frozen.

Many of the Amaranth products are also casein free and they even have several vegan products, including brownies and maple almond granola.

And how great is this – if you pre-order your items at least 48 hours in advance of Friday market days, Amaranth offers a 10% discount. That’s by Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m.  Call 717-330-4359, or better yet, email and include the specific market location in the subject line as well as your name & phone number.   

Here are a couple of meal recommendations by Amaranth owner Kristen:

  • Pair some gluten-free granola with the season’s fresh strawberries and a local yogurt.
  • Try Amaranth flatbreads topped with fresh goat cheese, basil, and fresh tomatoes (and herbs, as desired) for an individual pizza.
  • They also sell hamburger & hotdog buns (which freeze very well, as do all of their products)