Now that fall is officially making it’s grand entrance, we are celebrating all that the pinnacle of the growing season has to offer. With the herald of cooler weather crops like greens and winter squash, apples and broccoli, nesting on market tables right alongside such summer favorites as tomatoes, melon, cucumbers, and the tale-end of eggplant, what’s not to love? Once you add dahlias, which we’ll be having weekly from here on out, in addition to a weekly clay workshop for old and young folks alike, and of course the anticipation of our Second Annual Fermentation Festival on October 1st, you might as well just consider Fridays from 2-6pm in the heart of Kennett Square to be the apple of your eye. Read below for a note from Carol, and her Kennett Clay Club, and we’ll see you on Friday!

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The Kennett Clay Club at the Kennett Farmer’s Market is meant to be an exploration of one of nature’s greatest materials — clay! As a designer, educator and parent, I look for ways to engage people in the natural environment. Join me (and my special guests) to learn about ways to play with clay over the remaining weeks of the Farmer’s Market! Open to people of all ages!

Special demonstrations will be held at 4PM, but stop by between 2 and 6 to try your hands at working and playing with clay.
$5.00 covers the cost of the clay and firing in my kiln.
$1.00 covers the cost of clay if you just want to play with it and take it home.

Tentative Schedule:

September 10: No Clay Club. I will be networking on children’s environments at the American Society of Landscape Architects in                                 Washington, DC.

September 17: Learn how to make tiles using real plants for decoration.

September 24: Make a “living pot” or clay animal (aka versions on the seed ball): Nice sculptures that help seeds germinate outdoors.

October 1: Fermentation Day: Celebrate kimchi and sauerkraut by making bowls, plates and cups from cabbage leaves.

October 8: Explore Polymer Clay and the many ways it can be used.

Carol Krawczyk, ASLA or (610) 444-3215 for further information