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Dear Customers and Friends of Jubilee Hill Dahlias At the Kennett Square Farmers Market,

Perhaps you were wondering where Jubilee hill Dahlias has been? Due to high heat and and not much rainfall, all of our Dahlias have been extremely stressed and not doing well. When conditions like this happen, the dahlia just stands there and does not grow; they become stunted. Therefore we do not have that many blooms at this time. Dave built a beautiful hoop house, (similar to a greenhouse) so we could get a head start on our blooms in early April. We planted the greenhouse, and our dahlias took off, growing to about 3’ and then due to such dry conditions we were hit with Red Spider mites in July. Spider mites are so minute you don’t see them and then all of a sudden your leaves start turning yellow, then they dry up and die. I don’t like using chemicals and have researched other ways to rid the dahlias of these terrible bugs. So we have been fighting the good fight, killing “Bad bugs with Good Bugs.” I ordered “Predatory Mites” that really did a great job of getting rid of the Spider mites.  Hooray! Finally, as we approach September and the cooler weather is starting to settle in, the dahlias are beginning to take off again. I have missed seeing everyone on market day and am so pleased to be returning. We hope you all had a great summer!

Best Regards, Lynn Price