Now that we’re coming into the “time, of the season, for…” peak of taste, with the culmination of the hot summer to bring out the sweetest of flavors from the earth, we’re settling upon this fantastic recipe, adapted from Anna Thomas’ beautiful cookbook, The New Vegetarian Epicure. We suggest making heaps, and freezing it for a future winter repast… Enjoy!

Cantaloupe and Nectarine Soup with Raspberry Puree

4 lbs. cantaloupe (2 medium melons, 4 C cubed flesh)

2 lbs. nectarines (2.5 C sliced)

5-7 Tbs. lemon juice

3-4 Tbs. honey

1.5 C plain yogurt

2 Tbs. chopped fresh mint leaves

1 pint raspberries

2-3 Tbs. sugar

Peel and seed the cantaloupes and cut the flesh in cubes. You should have about 4 C. Peel and slice the nectarines, rendering about 2.5 C. Puree all the fruit, with 5 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, 3 tablespoons of honey, and all the yogurt, until entirely smooth.

Taste the mixture, and stir in more honey and/or lemon juice, to taste– for the perfect sweet/tart balance.When perfect, stir in chopped mint and refrigerate soup in a covered container for several hours.

Puree the raspberries and force the puree through a fine sieve to eliminate seeds, if desired. Add a little sugar and stir until dissolved. Chill the sweetened puree.

Serve soup in chilled bowls (or for great presentation, ladle from hollowed out melons!), and drizzle patterns of raspberry puree in each one.

Serves 8.