Let’s just take a brief moment to give it up for the Kennett Square Farmers’ Market. With a tad beyond two months left in the season, we are just now hitting our stride. With so much to look forward to, we thought we’d provide you with a list (feel free to add on, or share with us your own KSQ Farmers’ Market Scavenger Hunt). After all, where else can you find…Pastured scrapple… Crowds of people gathered to witness Shakespeare soliloquies performed by Wylie, our local 11 year old Bardian…Impromptu dog shows? Check out the slideshow below for resplendent pics of all of the aforementioned, and more!

Alright, without further ado, here are a few things we’re brewing up for you here at the KSQ Market. Please stay tuned for more details…

The one and only, second annual, East Coast Fermentation Festival, to be held during regular market hours, on Friday, October First, followed by a local happy hour at the Flash, featuring local brews, spirits, and cheese, and culminating in a live musical performance by some select members of Philly’s fine Folk scene.

SALSA IN THE ALLEYWAY! That’s right– on Friday, September 3rd, our First Friday market will be followed by professionally led salsa lessons, for Beginners and Pro’s alike. The dancing will take place in the Genesis Alleyway, and be followed by unstructured free salsa dancing. Please email ksqfarmersmarket@gmail.com to rsvp; $10 suggested donation.

Until then, be well, and don’t forget to buy local!

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