Art in the Age's Old School Spirits at our BFBL Festival

Here at Kennett Square Farmers’ Market, we sure do love our city-folk comrades. What better excuse than to have a festival, to conjure up their presence? With the Buy Fresh Buy Local festival behind us, now we are putting our energies into planning our second annual Fermentation Festival. What fun; we certainly can’t wait to see such resplendent Philly folk (hint, hint) return to the KSQ Farmers Market, as for example, Art in the Age. What an incredibly unique and inspiring business, full of innovation, ingenuity, and passion for connecting talented, aspiring artists, with the ready masses. Heck, their mission statement could be a thesis statement, in and of itself. Rather than butchering it in my own attempts to capture it again for you, and lest it lose its “aura” in the translation, hop onto their website to learn more.

We were so thrilled to have a visit from the two Nicoles at Art in the Age, for our Buy Fresh Buy Local Festival. They came with a glorious spread of totes and t-shirts, all splashed with the chummy mug of none other than Walter Benjamin, in addition to samples of their delicious bread, baked by a local artisan and crafted with their very own homemade spirits, Root and Snap. This brings us to the final message: get your Snap, tomorrow! It officially “drops” in estate stores August 1st. Curious about Snap? Read more here. It’s inspired by the historic Pennsylvania Dutch recipe for Ginger Snaps. Yum.

Thank you, Art in the Age, for keeping it real in the Age. We can’t wait to see you October 1st, for our Fermentation Festival!