This week, it’s all about staying cool while loading up on a week’s worth of market goods. Here are some of our favorite ways to ride that heat wave, without losing our cool:

  • If you can’t beat it, join it! Fill your baskets with hot peppers from our myriad farmers.
  • Cool down with one, or several, of the many cold beverage options that the market offers…  an Iced Tea, or Iced Macha Latte (personal favorite: Macha Latte with unsweetened almond milk) from KariAnne at PureBlend Teas… a local fruit smoothie, salad or parfait (vegan or with Maple Highland Sheep yogurt) from market newcomers, Gloria and her family, at Health Hut… or some Sweet Field Mint Tea from Countrymeadows Meats.
  • Make your own market smoothies at home, with Raw Milk from Countrymeadows, honey and/or bee pollen from Guinea Hen, sheep yogurt from Highland Dairy, fruit from Frecon (order ahead with Roswell for bulk rates on “soft peaches”) and greens!
  • For something a bit more unconventional, try throwing your corn into the freezer as soon as you get home from market. Not only does freezing it lock in flavor and nutrition, but I find that frozen corn bares an uncanny resemblance in taste and texture to ice cream, especially with a dash of cinnamon and/or dried chile.
  • Too hot to cook? Get the ingredients for a salad and crudite (don’t forget the Guinea Hen pesto and Anita’s salsa/guac) then hit up Papa’s Pastries for some delicious prepared fare.  For meat lovers, grab a couple of prepared pastured BBQ chicken from Countrymeadows. Don’t forget the goat cheese and fruit, and finally a beautiful bouquet from Shady Grove!
  • Load up on electrolytes, by pairing sweet, hydrating watermelon with salty, replenishing Sheep’s Feta from Highland. Don’t forget the mint, from Guinea Hen!
  • And finally, pop into one of the myriad local shops in Kennett, to support your local economy and get some respite from the heat. The library also rocks, big time.

Stay cool, source local, keep it real. In good health, KSQ Farmers’ Market