This current weather pattern has been brutal on both farmers and market goers alike, the heat and humidity makes it very unpleasant to be outside.  Holistic health coach Ali Brody recently sent along a timely message about the benefits of mint.  A simple sprig of mint added to water can be just the thing to get you through the heat, after all, what fun is summer if you cannot enjoy the out of doors. 

Simply add mint:    Let me tell you! I have a pitcher in my refrigerator that has water and fresh mint. It has saved me on many days in two ways. First, mint water is very cooling and helps you perk up. When you come in out of the hot summer air it is great or start your day with it. Second, it replaces the need for ice cream after a meal, it freshens your mouth in a way that cures the sweet craving.  Simple cures, that’s what its all about. For more ways to increase your health and happiness contact me for your free health consultation. visit my website or check me out on facebook

Ali’s advice and a recent posting on Chester County Dwell all about mint, inspired me to take  glass bottles full of mint water (pictured above) to last weekend’s XPoNential Music Festival.   As festival supporters, Historic Kennett Square and the Paper Market were sharing a tent busily promoting the virtues of our home town to all those in attendance .  We market managers were happy to join them, and our presence seemed especially appropriate as we serendipitously arrived during a set by The Great Unknown.  Todd the lead singer of the band actually played this year’s Farmers Market opening.  It was also great to check out the Green Village sponsored by local sustainability gurus Organic Mechanics and Waste Oil Recyclers–seeing friends and locals was an affirmation of the wonderful community we have in Kennett Square.  It was very hot but fun day of  music, made bearable by the simple addition of mint to water and meaningful by our community ties to the music and sponsors at the festival. 
Speaking of mint–lucky for all, there is an abundant source of mint at the Market.  Both Guinea Hen Gardens and Inverbrook Farm usually bring mint along with their other herbs and vegetables.  So come on out the market, get your mint, celebrate our thriving community, our connection to great music, and simple ways to deal with the heat of the summer.