I love that our farmers market is held on Friday – it makes it so easy to shop healthy for the inevitable summer weekend jaunts to the beach! Here are a few deliciously simple ideas on picnic-packing to try out at the market this season!


Grab a few loaves of bread from Big Sky Bread Company or Great Harvest Bread to start with. Peek at other vendors for your favorite goodies to pile between slices. My favorite would be Highland Farm’s sheep’s milk Brebis, with some spring onions and Happy Cat Organic’s juicy tomatoes. Or, pick up some of the tasty chicken from Country Meadows, and slice it up with some greens and Amazing Acres goat’s milk cheese for a yummy pick-me-up.


The market is brimming with easy bites to enjoy in the sun – pop sweet cherry tomatoes into your mouth all day long, or chomp on a juicy cucumber to stay hydrated. Crunchy radishes, crisp beans – they are all here for your enjoyment!  Use Highland Farms yogurt as a base for a veggie spread, adding fresh chopped herbs from Guinea Hen Gardens, and a dash of salt and pepper.


Make these little guys ahead of time and pack in the cooler for a cool, sweet treat. Gather all the little local strawberries you can, and dip them in an organic sour cream (our friends at Harvest Market in Hockessin, Delaware have got you covered). Roll them around in a crunchy brown sugar (you probably have some in your pantry!) and lay on wax paper to set. Just the right sweetness, and perfect for a day in the heat!

Let us know what you pack in your picnic!