Holistic Health Coach Ali Brody just sent along a great idea for a delicious healthy snack, perfect for the hot and steamy weather–popsicles.  Not your typical popsicle mind you, but ones made of products you can find at the market–teas from Pure Blend, yogurt from Highland Farm, honey from Guinea Hen Gardens, and fruit from our newest vendor Freacon Farms.   Here is a recipe from the good folks at Culinatewatermelon/mint pops.   Watermelon is not in season yet, but you get the idea–try substituting strawberries for the watermelon.  Enjoy this refreshing and healthy treat.

From Ali Brody—Make your own popsicles using farmer’s market fare!
Mix up some juice and fresh fruit pieces, flavored yogurt or some tea sweetened with honey, pour it in popsicle molds and freeze. Get creative!
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