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Wick and Jenny are the husband-wife team behind Guinea Hen Garden, an intelligently designed, permacultural home and growing grounds, located in West Grove, PA. An architect and interior designer by “trade,” respectively, Wick and Jenny have created something quite extraordinary, and that’s not just their art-deco chicken house that I personally would pay good rent to live in. Or, for that matter, the incredibly soothing tones they’ve painted the beehives that Walt’s Swarmbusting is using to cultivate honey on their property. Setting foot onto their compound, everything about it feels like a retreat; it emanates verdure, vitality, and above all, calm.

On a recent idyllic spring evening, I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of health, distilled, as it were, back to the garden. Even the hens seemed to float as they foraged along, barely acknowledging us we carried on with our comprehensive tour.

While no doubt fiercely prolific, Guinea Hen Garden, rather than your typical farm where the focus might be on outcome, is rooted in methods and practices that cultivate longevity and self-sustenance, within the caretakers as much as within the plants and animals. “This is the landscape,” says Wick, gesturing broadly toward himself and Jenny, happening to encompass the entirety of their garden in that fell swoop. Well-being is the main focus for the tirelessly innovative and creative couple, both having survived gravely serious bouts of Lyme’s Disease. “Do you see any stress here? I should hope not,” says Wick, peacefully grinning from ear to ear, with an arm around Jenny.

The bounty of Guinea Hen Garden thrives upon a mere 2 acres of cultivation, and sustains itself by such energy-giving codes of ethic as “harvest, rather than cut.” As part of this closed circuit, permacultural guideline, Wick and Jenny employ such methods as the ancient, innovative practice of Bio-Char (carbon sequestration by means of burning wood, to promote soil fertility).

With seemingly endless stores of energy, Jenny always has a new project on the burner. She is currently finalizing her plans to bring her infamous herb pesto to sell at market, in addition to having recently revamped her market display. Be sure to introduce yourself to Jenny at market (and Wick, who comes to help with set-up and break-down), and delight in their myriad offerings (and tasty samples), of a wide assortment of honeys, bee pollen, cut herbs and culinary sachets.