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Recently I had the opportunity to visit Debbie and Fred, co-owners of Amazing Acres Goat Dairy, along with all their goats and goat babies, at their home and operations in Elverson, PA. If ever there were a cross section of cozy and authentic, alongside wholly pristine and spotless, well, that is where you’d find this dynamic duo and their charismatic herd of goats; you might find them simultaneously doing 5 different things impeccably, all the while chatting with you with such warmth and aplomb that you’d never know they were following health code to the tee. To witness the love and fastidious attention to detail that Debbie and Fred put into the care for their goats and the production of their chevre, was to bear a privileged testimony to a seemingly miraculous confluence of art, science and compassion. And, certainly not to be overlooked, is the simple observation that to have the opportunity to sneak a peak behind the curtain of Amazing Acres Goat Dairy is to have a gustatory revelation, one that lends authenticity to the experience of tasting, thereby making their cheese even more savory– and I hadn’t thought this to be possible.

Debbie and Fred were so generous to allow me to take photos and ask questions, that I will let them speak for themselves…