We’ve extolled the virtues of one Andrew Bird countless times, but this original tweeting Bird has won us over once again. Abby & I packed up and headed for the Electric Factory this past Sunday to bask in the brightness that Bird gleams – and we were not disappointed! It was great to get out of the countryside for a few hours and enjoy the lights and sounds of the city, and the special treat of seeing St. Vincent perform before, and alongside, Andrew was the icing on the cake!

What was that? What were our favorite moments? Well, don’t mind if I do!

In the middle of the set, the Bird Roadie came out to gift us a performance dance piece

He also finished with one of mine & Abby’s favorite songs, Fake Palindromes (Abby is our resident market dewey-eyed Disney bride!)

and last, but certainly not least! We’re sure all of our faithful followers remember the adventure in which Abby and I went to Lancaster on market site visits, and created the ‘music’ video for Bird’s beautiful tune, Imitosis? No? Well, here’s a refresher! We also sent this video along to Andrea, the lovely lady behind the informative newsletters. We think she sent it his way!

Well, during the set, Bird went into playing Imitosis – it was beautiful, we loved it, nothing could be better, right? That’s what we thought, until he got to the line of “How can kids be so mean?” and he changed it to “How can carrots be so real?”

Suffice it to say, your two farmers market managers can die happy, satisfied girls.

On a completely unrelated note, we hope to see you all out for our very last market this Friday! We’ll be posting pictures from last weeks market, including mini-pumpkin decorating snapshots!

See you tomorrow, 2 pm – 6 pm in the farmers market alley!