Can it be, that an entire week has past since the Fermentation Festival? Who knew there could be life after Fermentation! Wow, what a beautiful event. So many thanks to all who participated to make this event truly shine! We’d like to especially thank our absolutely fabulous volunteers, without whom this event would simply not have been a possibility. Introducing, an all-star cast of characters…

Event Volunteers



Ann, Runner and Market Table Powerhouse. Am I allowed to say the best mom ever?


Katherine, Fermentation Alley Chief and Market Table Powerhouse. Isn’t she a wonder?


Lisa, Runner and Short-Order Volunteer Master. She makes it look so darn easy, but without her it just wouldn’t have been the same!


Dan, Insanely Talented Professional Tattoo Maker. If only they were permanent!


Claire, Tasting Area Manager and Co-Fermentation Festival Event Planner. Did we mention Superhero? Yes folks, it’s true.


Hillary, Tasting Area Volunteer and Guest Photographer. Did we mention cabaret singer?  


Wiley and Mavis, Cupcakes for Kimchi Runners. Also, KSQFM Unofficial Mayors.





Mary, Twin Lakes Brewery Stand-In. Pinch hitter phenom!

Fermentation Demonstration Volunteersfermie, it's in the alley!


Jess, Kimchi Demonstrator and High School Biology Teacher: “I believe Industrial foods cause a need for industrial remedies…   Most people would like to do something good in their lives… some people donate money to various organizations, others donate clothes or volunteer at non profits.  What I do is vote with my money.  I support the community of farmers who in turn provide me and my family with a strong foundation of health and therefore happiness.  I can not express in words the amount of gratitude I have for those who grow my food.” Also has magical kimchi powers…fizzzz





Martha and Jerry from Highland Dairy & Kristian from Doe Run Farm, Yogurt Making Demonstrators and Leaders of defined Curd Cult Following


Tim, Seed Saving Demonstrator and Happy Cat Organics victory man



Dr. Tim Watkins, “Fermentation 101,” Victory Brewing Co. Director of Quality Assurance







 Thomas Hitner, WCU Professor and Potter, Ongoing Mug Throwing Performer and Absolute Young Person Magnet. A completely mesmerizing phenomenon.


We hope you all had a lovely time. Don’t forget to check out your photos on the Fermentation Festival page. Lots of killer candids. We are eager to hear from you! Please email us at:, with your suggestions, comments, quotes, memories, photos, ideas for next year, etc. Once again, thank you, from the bottom of our crocks!