Summertime is just so darned glamorous. Boasting seemingly endless days, sunshine and freedom, not to mention a cornucopia of delicious roots, shoots and fruits practically leaping from the ground into your mouth, one could say that Autumn has a pretty tough act to follow. For sure, I’ve always been a hopeless Summertime romantic, somewhat leary of the shortening days and Southbound migration patterns, not to mention the end of farming season and weekly Farmers’ Markets. But recently with these golden crisp days, slanted afternoon light, increasingly prolific songbirds, and the herald of a new food season (hey there cool crops, what’s up Springtime? Lookin’ good, Lactobacilli!), it is the months of September and October that I’ve come to relish most. Hey, speaking of relish, did you know that the KSQ Farmers’ Market goes into the last week of October? With First Friday and the Fermentation Festival to forge our way into October, tell your friends and grand-friends to come out and enjoy the market and all its fine fare. Just for fun, see how many people YOU can get to come out on Fridays; here in KSQ, it’s a collaborative game, everyone wins! Here’s a look at all the early Autumn has to offer, at the Farmers’ Market that loves you the most– you needn’t inquire which one…


Heirloom Winter Squash from Elkdale and Countryside (do endeavor to whip up this Borlotti Bean Mole with Roast Winter Squash recipe.)


Cool Greens, in the way of Asian Salad Mix, arugula, lettuce, Maiche, spinach, dandelion greens, etc, from Happy Cat, Sunny Girl, and Inverbrook Farms.


Expert Blade Sharpening by Clarke Greene

happycatradishRoots revisited– sweet and spicy!


Coolest of Crucifers!


Handmade Salsa and Guacamole by Mauricio and Misha with Anita’s Guacamole– check out those food safety guns!



Pastured Meats: The last call for fresh chicken from Country Meadows is this week (you must try this Tajine recipe from Tanis’ Platter of Figs. Pastured poultry is also available from Inverbrook Farm, please contact them directly for more info.), hereafter it’s all frozen. Also plenty of pork, sausage, beef, bacon, etc.



gcountryCurds and Whey, in Sheep, Goat and Cow form, from Highland, Amazing Acres, and God’s Country, respectively.

alpacaAlpaca Knitwear and Yarn from Joan at Butterfly Hill Alpaca


Rustic Baked Goods, from Big Sky and Great Harvest




Flora and Succulents, by way of Daniel from Shadyside, Nick of Castelli’s, and Lynn from L&L

earthartpaintingsArts & Crafts from Earthart and S&S…



Handmade soaps by Ellen April…


lavenderLavender everything, by Chris at Fat Spike Lavender Co…

Sustainable dog food from Jeff and Melissa from K-9 Kraving…k9

papasA wildly diverse array of prepared foods from Thomas at Papa’s Pastries…

Artisan Fudge and Confections by Betty’s Buttons…bb

Serendipity-by-book, from Senior Center Used Books


See you Friday!