CirclePeachesHave you ever tried a peach from Northstar? If the answer is no, well boy, you had better get excited. If the answer is yes, and it most likely is, then high five and jiggedy jig to you, as fellow members of Northstar Orchard’s extensive cult following. Either way, everyone let out a “hip, hip, hooray!” as Northstar Orchards will be attending the market tomorrow, Friday July 24! Tirelessly devoted to cultivating the heritage, “antique” varieties of fruits that have ultimately disappeared from today’s commercial fruit world, Ike and Lisa, and their all-star crew, are true-blue artisan pros. I can honestly say that the first time I had a peach from Northstar was the first time I ever truly tasted a peach (and the same goes for all of their heritage variety of fruits– especially their yummy russet apples come fall!). A meal in its own right, a bite into a Northstar peach commences a symphony of taste explosion, and nostalgic revery: cinnamon, butter, floral notes– with the perfect amount of acid to keep things interesting– oh man. True story: today when I shared the delicious news with a dear friend and fellow Northstar junkie, she got honest to goodness goosepumps! Please join us in welcoming Erin and Lisa tomorrow at market, and prepare to be knocked speechless. Northstar Orchards will be stationed right at the intersection of State and Union, thereby “flanking” the market with their out-of-this-world-yet-oh-so-worldly peaches (yellow and white), in addition to their plums, and perhaps some apples (fingers crossed!). Northstar will also be bringing a variety of their homemade peach, asian pear, and apple butters. Please check out their lovely and informative website, where you can find such useful tips as how to care for your fruit once the beautes have arrived home, recipes, and information on their commitment to sustainable growing practices (they’re long time PASA members): www.northstarorchard.comCircleJars