Merry Friday, Folks!  Dig into what Papa’s Pastry has to offer at the Farmers’ Market this week…

gelato2Papa’s Pastry Shop is now in full production of their own Gelato!  What is Gelato? Gelato is Italian ice cream.  It is popular in all parts of this world where ice cream is mainly produced in the United States.  There is an obvious reason for this.  Gelato is far superior to ice cream.  The staff at Papa’s Pastry Shop studied at the Berzaci Culinary Institute this past winter learning how to make this frozen desert.  Papa’s Gelato is prepared from all natural fresh ingredients, has a smooth texture like silk, and is amazingly low in fat.  Papa’s Gelato consists of two main types: Fruit flavors and Cream flavors.

Compared to traditional ice cream, Gelato has less air and is therefore more concentrated than ice cream.  Ice cream incorporates 100% air by volume into the mixture, while Gelato only has 25%.You will enjoy a much more intense flavor!  It also contains fewer calories and less than half the fat of traditional ice cream.  Ice cream contains about 14% butter fat while the Cream flavor Gelatos contain 4% and the Fruit flavors less than 1%.  Fruit flavor Gelatos are water-based with absolutely no dairy products, and therefore lactose free as well as suitable for vegan diets. Each serving has less than 1 gram of fat and only 120 calories.  Cream flavors have less than 4 grams of fat and only 140 calories.  All Gelatos are Gluten-free!

Papa’s Pastry Shop will bring Gelato to the KSQ Farmer’s Market starting Friday, July 17.  Prices run $8 per pint and $13 per quart.  Local area restaurants may purchase five liter pans for $70 by ordering through the shop.