Whoever told you that America was a melting pot had it horribly wrong.  A salad? Mmm–so sorry.  It’s actually one enormous grill.

[Tap, Tap…] Is this thing on?

Alright then, let’s take America out of the picture and slide, or moonwalk, into an ideal world, where we are all food, and being prepared in a way that brings out the inherant sweetness and joie de vivre in us all. Is it a vat of heat, slowly cooking the life force out of our individuality, to see what aggregate of gray foamy business rises to the top? (This percolates an equally fine cultural food metaphor–fermentation– to save for another post) Or, is it the grill, the true “equal playing field,” if ever there was one?  The ubiquitous grill makes its appearance across cultures– in Argentina, it’s “La Parrilla,” and the focal point for epic feasts and massive spreads. In fact, Argentina has declared the first Sunday in October to be their annual National Grilling Day.  How about that for the ultimate display of patriotism through food?  Well folks, I think you’ll agree that shopping at our local farmers’ market is just as edibly patriotic– (Geez, what’s with all the nationalist rhetoric? So sorry, still processing the 4th of July–) and aren’t we so lucky that grilling season and farmers’ market season coincide! From meats to beets (yes, it is possible, you naysayer), check out the delicious resources that abound, for getting your grill on, and in turn, getting all that savory market goodness, yes, all up in your grill.

This website is your go-to source for all things veggie-grill related, including recipes.

In the mood for pizza? Check out this recipe, from one of our all-time favorite food blogs, 101 Cookbooks

And let’s not forget about our omnivore friends– in case you haven’t heard, Country Meadows now sells raw meat at the market, in addition to their on-site prepared bbq chicken! Follow this link for some tips on how to recreate that fine meaty fare at home.

So, may we ask, what’s the most offbeat thing you’ve ever grilled?