For those of you die hard market goers, for whom neither rain nor falling frogs will ever keep from scooting right ’round the KSQ Farmers Market every Friday, you are already well aware that our market is indeed rain or shine.  For everyone else, let us sing it from the rooftops: If it’s all a’sprinkle, don’t go a'(shoot, if only “seeking cover” rhymed with winkle!)– Go on and don your favorite rain cap, hop on into those Wellies, and skip right on down to the borough. Thank goodness our market is not made of sugar, and will not melt; perhaps only a splish splash, here and there.  Speaking of taking a veggie bath, this past Friday was all about a rainy day parade. What fun! Those who did come out ended up making out like total bandits– hey look, no lines or much of a crowd on rainy days! Check out my spread… Oh snap, Samuel of Countryside! Oh scape, Jenny of Guinea Hen! Where’s the Goat’s Beard? Oh, there it is, Daniel of Shady Grove!


The goods

The goods


Rainy days also mean more time to catch up with our rockstar market vendors. Have you all met Jenny, from Guinea Hen Gardens?


Jenny is one of the market’s new members, although from looking at her tight and merry set-up each week, one would guess she had been around for ages. What a natural! Guinea Hen Gardens specializes in cut herbs, and also brings fresh honey, which comes from their very own gardens, harvested and jarred by the starry folks at Walt’s Swarmbustin’ Honey. Each week, Jenny features a special herb from her garden, as well as a delicious and simple recipe to use it in. Last week, the recipe was for a most scrumptious dill bread, with a toothsome texture to bring you right back to summer afternoons at your grandma’s kitchen table. Check out the recipe below. Don’t miss Jenny this week, as she’s featuring mint, and a surely divine recipe for mint brownies!

Every Day A Different Herb Bread

1 5# bag of King Arthur’s Bread Flour

3 2/3 tbsp dry yeast

3 2/3 tbsp salt

8 cups lukewarm water

2 cups loose fresh herb, or ¼ cup dried herb

Soak the yeast and salt in the water for 10 minutes.  Stir in the whole bag of flour.  Let rise for 1 hour.  Pull off one portion for a loaf of bread.  Put the rest, covered, in the frig for another day.  Mix in the herb into the loaf dough.  Let rise another hour.  Bake 45 min. 350˚.

Try a different herb every day of the week:  dill, oregano, chives, sage, rosemary, basil, burnet.  And then try combinations of herbs.