We’ve got it all here in Kennett Square – good food, good friends, good vibes – but sometimes, even the most country of all mice must venture out to the big city with bright lights. Thankfully, Philadelphia is chock-full of like minded people, places and things – and we’re very excited to spread our farmers market cheer with this weeks extra-mobile Roving Fete!

This Friday, May 29th, the KSQ Farmers Market will hold our Roving Fete at Johnny Brenda’s, a great space to eat, dance, and listen to groovin’ tunes. They have an upstairs bar with a great space for stompin’ and whistlin’, and the balcony above is great to lean on and keep an eye on the goings-on down below. Best yet, though, is their connection with their food and their community. They share our passion of fresh and seasonal food and have been great supporters of Buy Fresh, Buy Local – yeehaw! Of course- all the local beers on tap don’t hurt!

Johnny Brenda's

In keeping with our farm-friendly theme, one of our favorite bands will be adorning the stage. Hoots & Hellmouth will command our attention starting at 9:30 – plenty of time to wrap up from the market and get to the city, grab a beer, and snag a great spot. Hoots & Hellmouth are one of the best bands around, and we’re lucky enough to have them hail from Chester County! Their commitment to our farming community has been integral – their energy and kindness has helped us all through long days and hard nights. You could say that they are the pot of gold at the end of this week’s rainbow!


Hope to see you all there!