DSC00040 “Definitely the tomato,” replies Chris Kasper, Philadelphia-based singer songwriter and travelling muse-master, in response to the prompt, “What is your power vegetable?” Not only for its striking semblance to the dirigibles that knock about in Kasper’s brimming treasure box of tropes and whimsy that weave their way into his symbolically rich songscapes, but for its interchangeability and fluid identity, traits that mark Kasper’s musical style, … “It can be a fruit—or a vegetable.”


tomatodirigibles      It is this never the same river twice mentality that we love about Kasper’s work, and one of the many things that keeps us coming back to it time and again, always pleased to find something new and never ordinary. Often evoking an uncanny familiarity, Kasper’s unobtrusive falsetto, carried along by lilting rhythms and soothing bass presence, marry well to create an effect of elusive nostalgia that tugs at you, and keeps you listening, yet is never familiar enough to become trite.

      Recently, we were lucky enough to capture what we could of the talented Kasper with a shutter and a flash—DSC00035Kennett Flash that is–Kennett Square’s brand new, and already critically acclaimed, intimate, live music venue. Kasper’s performance featured songs from his soon to be released album “Chasing Another Sundown,” which will be making its debut on Sunday, May 17th at World Café Live. If you are like us, and this day feels too far away, don’t dismay! Kasper will be playing at our near and dear Kennett Square Farmers’ Market Season Opening, this Friday, May 15th, at 3:00 PM, along with more of our musical favorites, Cowmuddy, and Griz.

      Conveying tangible excitement for the release of his new album, Kasper was especially elated about his collaboration with Shanghai-based artist Nini Sum. Kasper discovered Nini Sum on Flickr, while searching for images by plugging in phrases that imparted the persona of his new album…     River_Ballon_Sun

   In addition to the cover art, Kasper and Sum embarked on creating an elaborate visual component to the new album. Sum’s artwork is strikingly similar to Kasper’s music. It is playful and rich in a symbolism that saves its charmingly naïve ingenuity from disappearing into the ethers of inconsequentiality. We are just as excited to hear the new sounds of “Sundown,” as we are to see the Sum/Kasper collaborative album art love child.

       Returning to the realm of food and the aforementioned tomato (let’s not forget our homegrown origins), it is not a far stretch to liken Kasper’s songwriting process to the organic journey of a seed to its final swansong of flower and fruit. For Kasper, the song that sticks, the one that gets plucked from the vine, is that which has something different to offer, a bit out of the ordinary. In this way, Kasper is able to continue his progression of songmaking, maintaining a steady evolution of sound that is never the same, yet always consistently true.