Seems like a lot of newspapers are going up in flames – but not the Daily Local! Our local paper is chuggin’ along, and has even added a new bi-monthly magazine!
The CC – Cuisine & Nightlife is like a little citypaper, geared towards Chester County. Mary Bigham of has been collaborating with the paper to put this gem of a publication out –  you may have seen the white newspaper boxes around your town – run right over to it, pry that baby open and grab a free copy! I’ve been writing articles for it (I hope not sporadically…) and have been enjoying seeing Kennett Square and the Farmers Market mentioned so often! Yay, Kennett!

Here’s a link to the current issue. Turn to Page 9 to see totally adorable pictures of me, Happy Cat Organics’ Tim Mountz, and Terrain’s Jacob Bortman!