Tell us, what does Farmers Market season mean to you? Do these achingly long “Pre-Farmers Market” months find your day-dreamscapes rooted in the breezy promenade of the Kennett Square Farmers Market? Perhaps you are juggling a pint of raspberries in one hand, a bunch of carrots in the other, with crook of arm weighted down by a week’s worth of farm fresh meals? Or, could it be, you’re foot loose and fancy free, practically weightless but for a single morsel, token of manifested nostalgia, sitting atop your hot little palm, in form of Whoopie Pie?

In case you haven’t noticed, the Whoopie Pie is generating some serious press. Take a look at this article from the New York Times that came out a few weeks ago. Amidst the Whoopie’s growing notoriety, we patrons of the Kennett Square Farmers Market, and furthermore, Samuel and Sarah Stoltzfus, of Countryside Bakery, can say, “Whoopie Pie, we knew you when!” Inspired by the swelling market milieu, we thought we’d take this opportunity to do some Whoopie musing, ourselves.

Behold the Whoopie Pie. Take note of its hardy little aura. Sweet Whoopie cries of “Eat Me!” are enough to melt even the hairiest of nutritionista eyeballs. Let us call it, the “Whoopie Clause,” if you will. If there were ever a stand-off between nutritionally-obsessed super heroes (a non-violent battle, I assure you– waged by thoughtful deconstruction and positive solutions) what, I ask you, would be left standing, gleaming, in the healthy fare aftermath, amidst ruins of Hostess cakes and Sara Lee cupcakes, (not to mention acres upon acres of sustainably grown food) but our very own Samuel Stoltzfus: one hand cramming a Whoopie Pie into his beardy grill, the other outstretched towards you, perched upon it a perpetual offering: “Whoopie Pie?”

Check out this video of a guy eating 36 Whoopie Pies in just a few minutes. . . he’s definitely feeling the Whoopie Magic!